On the new Board: - About the Salon

  • Hey all,

    Tucker asked us to use this new board to discuss what needs to be done for the salon. Yes?

    Start discussing!


  • I’ve still got the couch and the curtains for Delia. If I remember correctly, Emmeric was going to take care of lighting equipment, but I reckon I can chip in for that too now if needed.

    We had also discussed a theme or design style, but I don’t remember what was decided on. Beyond that, we hadn’t decided much more, except there should be dry runs of each performance on stage before the Salon.

    Let’s start by rehashing the basics again. Style/theme, and any other things needed for the artists and performers. Then we can continue from there.


  • Toreador Spine

    As I told before, I can provide some lalique vases, a couple of Mucha jewel parures and a few statues from the Gottfredson Art déco collection - at least, the part that late Mr. Gottfredson was not able to sell before having the good taste to leave me a widow.

    I’m ready with the monologue from my play, ready to show it to you for feedback.