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    Feeding is a singular, private act that takes time. Feeding will be run broadly as it was before, with a total of 3 hours that can be broken into 1-hour chunks.

    If you go in character and then want to feed, you need to leave and take an hour before going back. Also keep it realistic in terms of having to go to a different place in the city that would add a bit of time. If you feed before going in character for the first time that day or when you are about to sign off, you do not need to wait one hour before going in character or logging off.

    You will ALWAYS be at 1 Hunger- unless you kill and drain a victim. Various predator types also are a +1 diff. See below.

    Every day, before going into character, you are to consider that your character has just woken up. Again, you will always start with 1 Hunger Dice. You must go to #rouse channel and roll as follows:

    • Rouse Check to wake
    • If you wish to have Blush of Life (and it is recommended) for the night, an additional Rouse Check is necessary.
    • Feeding roll as detailed in your predator type- if you desire. You may choose to feed or not. (To be done in #feeding, NOT #rouse)

    Should you fail any Rouse Check you gain an additional Hunger Dice.

    Feeding Caveats:
    This will be run with a Storyteller, but is an FYI:

    • Bestial Failures when feeding with a Prey Exclusion:
      When the player has a bestial failure and has a prey exclusion or the addiction flaw, they will break the masquerade by vomiting blood all over the intended victim and leaving them with a bite wound in their neck. The immediate mechanical effect will be to increase the hunger die by one.

    • Feeding with the Addiction or Hopeless Addiction Flaw, or High functioning Addict Merit:
      If you meet the difficulty for your feeding area (plus predator type modifier if applicable), you got blood. If you don’t get at least one success in addition to the difficulty, the blood did not contain your chosen drug.

    Predator Type Feeding Methods (Rolls):

    • Alleycat:
      Strength + Brawl: You take blood by force or threat, stalking, overpowering, and bleedings your victims. If you feed on criminals as a sort of dark knight of the streets, use Wits + Streetwise to find a victim.

    • Bagger: - + 1 difficulty
      Intelligence + Streetwise: You acquire preserved blood rather than hunt, or you feed from the dead or dying. Find your prize, gain access, and purchase or otherwise convince someone with the goods to give you access.

    • Cleaver:
      Manipulation + Subterfuge: You take blood covertly from your mortal family or friends. Socialize with your victims, feed from them, and cover it up to groom them for next time.

    • Consensualist:
      Manipulation + Persuasion: You take blood by consent, under cover of medical work or a shared kink. Cultivate your victims, feed from them, and validate their choice to feed you.

    • Farmer: +1 diff
      Composure + Animal Ken: You feed from animals.
      Find your quarry, catch your chosen animal, and feed from it.

    • Blood Leech: +2 diff
      You feed from other vampires; if you make a mistake, you die – either tonight or in a blood hunt. The Storyteller should not abstract something like this to a set of die rolls.

    • Osiris:
      Manipulation + Subterfuge or Intimidation + Fame: You feed from your fans, church, or other adoring crowd. The Skill for which you’re famous maybe Performance, Science, Craft, Academics, Politics, or something else. Display yourself, choose a victim, and
      flatter or bully them into feeding you.

    • Sandman:
      Dexterity + Stealth: You feed from sleeping victims. Case a hotel or house, break in,
      feed silently and get out.

    • Scene-queen:
      Manipulation + Persuasion: You feed from a higher low-class subculture in which
      you enjoy high status. Make the scene, groom and isolate a victim from whom to feed, and gaslight or silence them to keep the scene cool.
      “I’ll let the others see us together if you keep it together."

    • Siren: Charisma + Subterfuge: You feed under the guise of sex. Pick up your victim, charm them, and take them somewhere alone to feed.

    Hunting ground difficulty
    Keep in mind that Difficulty now equals the number of required successes. Anything over a 6 is considered a success.

    Uptown 3

    • The Strip (cannot take Domain) 2
    • Mason’s Square 3
    • Branton Academy of Beauty & Trade 4

    Midtown 3

    • Gainsborough 3
    • St Judes Hospital 4
    • The Breweries 3
    • Green’s Market 3

    Southside 2

    • Industrial Park 4
    • Seven Points 2
    • Leonard Towers 2
    • Holy Hill 3

    Lower East Side 4

    • Branton Correctional Facility 5
    • Community College 4
    • East Side Park 5 (diff 2 for Farmer Predator Type)

    Upper East Side 4

    • Branton Airport 4
    • Whitings Trailer Park 3
    • Branton Train Station 4

    *Also we will be randomly selecting various flaws for a feeding scene. If you have the flaw we selected, come see us some time during the week to run that scene.

    **If you are in combat then you can of course still feed within the scene, and contact an ST if there is another time that you might feel is appropriate.

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Everyone needs to reread this and read it for comprehension please. We are getting a lot of questions that explained in this post.

    And this as well: http://wiki.sanguinus.org/index.php/Hunting

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