Touchstones: Quick Question

  • Hilt

    Is Touchstone & Conviction OUR concept that explains our characters’ motives and actions and relationships, or is it also theirs?

    Like, our characters would use the words “Beast” and “Humanity” in a sentence, but they wouldn’t use the words “Hunger Dice” or “Messy Critical.” Right? Cuz those latter ones are ours, not theirs.

    Would they know what someone meant if a person said “I gotta get a new Touchstone?”

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    It is my understanding that it’s a game mechanic term. But I definitely could be wrong!

  • When writing my convictions I tried to phrase them as the samples are in the book, as if they were commandments. So I didn’t use game terminology. Does that help or did I miss the point?

  • After reading your post again, I think I definitely missed the point!

    I don’t believe vampires refer to their touchstones as “touchstones.” They’re just “friends” or “important humans.” Like, “That’s my human. If you kill them I will definitely remove your face slowly with a spoon.”

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    I would say that they wouldn’t know it as a “dot on a sheet” but rather that for some reason they lost a connection to their humanity. Then sought out time to replace it and reconnect in an effort to feel like you belong sufficiently again.

    So while it is a line on a sheet, it is not a line on the character’s asset lists, it is merely a relationship that they use to find ways to ground themselves and overcome their beasts or at least tamper them enough to feel like they are still human and therefore still belong despite their new habits.

    Consider the predators that hide among us now for sexual assault and other violent offenses that without ready knowledge and investigation, anyone looking at them would have no idea. They do it as well to pretend that they are normal and to trick others into their traps.

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  • Glad I wasn’t the only one that who’s mind went right to Robin Hood lol