Nosferatu Flaw & Expressiveness

  • Hilt

    My question has to do with how emotionally expressive a Nosferatu’s face can be.

    To get there, I need to tell you how I met this question:
    You see kids, … back in the days of yore, Nosferatu could go around with a Mask through hypnotizing people into seeing them as a different face and such.

    This meant that a Nosferatu could express any emotion they chose, like looking at some one with tenderness or furrow ing their brows or the like, whether they felt those things and whether or not their actual face was capable of those expressions.

    However, I’ve frequently seen Nosferatu players play up the idea that their hideous Ness makes it hard for them to do facial expressions snd body language. Like “Susan probably smiled at that, but it’s hard to be sure.” That kind of thing.

    But these days, they don’t have those nifty masks. Or, they can get them when they’re older, but but they really don’t make 'em like they used to.

    So now we’re gonna. See a lot more Nosferatu needing to emote with their Fugly Mugs.

    So… this brings us to the present question. How expressive or how hindered is a Nosferatu’s actual face? Like IRL Fugly people don’t have a difficulty in showing emotion with their faces. It’s the Botox & Face Lift folks who have difficulty with that (research verifies dis).

    Do a Nosferatu’s disfigurements come with like muscle and nerve impairment?


  • Storytellers

    So for clarification are you asking about

    1. Mask of a Thousand Faces being changed to be a nondescript stranger.

    2. Nosferatu that don’t have Mask

    3. Your particular model which doesn’t appear to have facial tissue around the jaw to be able to make facial expressions?

  • He’s asking about whether or not Nosferatu in their full, unmasked glory have the facial dexterity to emote. The implication being that many (if not all) Nosferatu are hideously disfigured and that may prohibit the expression of emotion. It’s more an RP question than a mechanics one.

    My answer: I have no idea! I would think it depends on the severity of the disfigurement/impairment. A Nosferatu where one whole side of their face is covered in lesions or sorta fused together will have more difficulty emoting than one without.

  • Hilt

    I meant what Jess said I meant.