New Faction- The Crucible

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Below find the outline for the new Faction that is being implemented in the city. Know you are not compelled to join, but if you choose to remain independent you will not benefit from the protection and assistance of the newly implemented Parliament and may no longer be welcome in the Guilds - formerly known as the Coteries of Blade, Hilt and Spine.

    This is a Meritocracy, a thing many Cainites have pushed for for many centuries, made real.

    Faction: The Crucible-


    • Baron
    • Emissary
    • Sweeper- whose role may be expanded

    Permanent Seats in Parliament:
    to be filled by those hold these positions. Meaning should a new person be appointed to the position, they will take the seat:

    • Emissary
    • Guild Heads (Blade, Hilt, Spine)
    • Four (4) Members nominated and elected by the Cainite populace at large.


    • Term Duration/Term Limits- to be determined by vote by Cainite populace

    • Each member has a vote- the Baron will vote only in the event of a tie

    • Other rules TBD

    • Some Parliament meetings may be open for anyone to attend. Others may not due to sensitivity of subject, IE: War plans

    • All members can be subject to a vote of no confidence to remove them from their position. How this will work to be determined.

  • This may be premature, but discussion on the topic of terms and limits may be a lengthy one.

    My proposal for discussion/consideration or rejection/dismissal is that the terms be 6 months long. However, instead of a full vote and changeover every 6 months, I suggest that half of the general seats be rotated out at a time. In this way some consistency can be maintained at all times while we still have the vote of no confidence to replace seats out of “season” if needed.

    This would mean however that of the initial 4 voted into seats, 2 would have longer or shorter terms. I personally think the later would be more expedient. These could be selected at random, and could be voted for re-election (or dismissal of course) in 3 months. In this way, new voices would have the option of rising to prominence often, but would also ensure that they represent the general populace well if they wish to continue.

    These were just my thoughts and I look forward to hearing the thoughts of others on the matter as well.