Nominations/Voting for Crucible

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    You may nominate yourself or someone else.

    These nominations must be submitted to me - you may leave me a message at the Nightmarket in a sealed envelope given to Mr. Johnson or his ghoul, Jane. ((send the ST a message on the forum or let me know when you see me on the server))

    I suggest you think before you step or push someone forward. This is a commitment and may carry its own risk. ((If you can not ever make a meeting, do not step up. Meetings may occur with little to no notice but if your schedule does not allow you to play in the prime time hours often, please do not step up. Occasional absences are fine, and if you are not on when a spur-of-the-moment meeting takes place, that is fine. We will not hold that against you. But I also don’t want to see a meeting being needed and we have to wait 2 weeks for everyone to weigh in on when they can meet- this stagnates plot))

    Nominations must be submitted by Thursday (3/14/19) of this week.

    I will then post those who have been nominated in The Book and voting will be open from Friday to Sunday (3/17/19).

    Winners will announced on Monday.(3/18/19) ((voting will be done the same way, submitted to us via pm on the forum, or via catching me on the server with your votes. I will post a template with the names of those nominated, you can choose to not vote on anyone, that’s fine.))

    Once the Parliament is seated, we will convene to discuss how it will be run, any rules we feel should be put in place, etc.