On Coteries

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    Vampires are notoriously solitary creatures of the night, who, we all know, live for blood and drink blood to live. While this is true, they also are creatures who crave society and even the most wandering of Gangrel sometimes seeks out companionship and the solace of familiarity and perhaps even…love. But love can turn to hate and familiarity breeds contempt so even those who seek it out, know that eventually it will sour and “friends” and “lovers” are weaknesses that can and will be exploited.

    So, enter Coteries. Coteries are made up of like-minded Vampires who group together to achieve or serve a purpose. That could mean anything from carrying on a criminal enterprise to hunting mortals with a certain resonance to sell to the highest bidder to protecting the Baron. The reasons for forming a Coterie are as varied as the Vampires who join them. But they all keep the goals and purpose in mind when going about their nightly journey around the city.

    Coteries are key to survival and key to advancing in Cainite society. Even if you think your character can stay above (or below) politics and adversity, politics and adversity can and will find you and thrust themselves upon you. There is no escaping it. If you are lucky you survive. If you are REALLY lucky you become the one thrusting your power upon others.

    There are many types of Coteries and we encourage everyone to form their own if it makes sense in the game. Right now we have three main Coteries, which have recently been rebranded “Guilds” to differentiate them from other coteries that have or may form. There is nothing saying you can’t form your own that crosses borders with the three Guilds, in fact, we encourage it.

    There are many coterie types listed in the book.

    • Blood Cult: formed to entice or enslaves mortal worshippers in order to keep a steady stream of vitae available
    • Cerberus: formed to guard a particular spot or location
    • Champions: formed to fight for a certain cause
    • Commando: formed to fight it’s Master’s enemies
    • Fang Gang: formed to commit crimes
    • Hunting Party: formed to hunt and capture mortals with a particular blood resonance
    • Marechal: formed to serve and guard the Prince or Baron
    • Nomads: formed to and does little but roam from place to place for their own safety- or other purpose
    • Plumaire: formed to unite those of prominent social status
    • Questari: formed to accomplish a certain objective or enterprise
    • Sbirri: formed and disguises as one sort of coterie while secretly being another
    • Vehme: formed to protect the Masquerade at ALL costs.
    • Watchmen: formed to patrol the city and protect it from intruders

    or…make up your own! But if you choose to make up your own sort of Coterie, keep in mind that ALL coteries have a purpose, a common interest and common goals.