Let's Talk Politics

  • Time to get real. The Vote starts in two days. Nominations by tomorrow. I know this is personal and intense stuff to some of you. Not so much me, other than now I gotta do it, so I’ll do the best I can. But let’s face it - we need to look out for our best interests.

    To me, that means we need at least two ‘friendly’ seats. That means Blade…or maybe Blade and Bettie.

    The reasoning is simple - the council’s gonna decide on a lot of things that we’re gonna have to go into the field for. It’s gonna be us doing the bleeding (well, metaphorically). Therefore, it should be us with a big say in that. However, we put too many folks on, and that could push the rest into a coalition against us.

    We’ll see the nominations after tomorrow and can talk more then. I’ll repost 'em here. But here are some thoughts.

    • I don’t mind Emmeric, actually. He’s…all kinds of things. But he shows up and does stuff. However, it’s fair to assume he’s bound to Tucker, so a vote for him is a vote for Tucker. And maybe folks don’t mind, and that’s okay. I just think it should be kept in mind.

    • We should be judicious in who we vote for from other Coteries. We may be able to sway some that we prefer. For instance, say Cowboy Wes is nominated and some of his coterie votes for him. If we do, too, then that assures he’s in. And maybe we want to do that to have him rather than, oh, Anja.

    • There may be pressure to obtain some or all of your votes - like, from boons getting called in. If we don’t hold our word, then that’s a bigger issue. I don’t advocate breaking it and blowing your credibility. But if you do promise your vote, it’d be awfully cool for you to note it here so we can plan accordingly. You fulfill your obligation, but keep your crew informed.

    • If you’d like to put yourself forward as a candidate, say so here. There’s some as I figure aren’t interested, some who got bigger things on their plate. Some not sure about; might not have thought them the type, but they want to. It’s always good to know more.

    Lastly - we’re vampires. We make Tammany Hall and Chicago Politics in the real world look like boy scouts. There ain’t no ‘purity of the system’ - but that don’ t mean we can’t make smart and informed choices that actually look like integrity.

    • Hector

  • I threw my hat in the ring.

    Spine owes me a minor, and Tucker’s trying to sell me a vote from each member in exchange for calling it paid. He’s being damn pushy and trying to say I gotta make up my mind by Friday if I want the votes. Frankly, there’s folks in there I’m pretty sure’d vote for me anyway and I don’t like how he’s trying to put conditions on the way his debts can be called in. Plus he doesn’t seem to have actually run this by any of the folks who’s votes he’s trying to pawn. So I’m likely gonna tell him to get fucked.


  • Storytellers

    So the mother fucker that been making drama bout your connection to your Beast is now trying to sell ya his vote for the council of whatever the fuck we calling it? If anyone ever ask why I say he a asshole this is my exhibit A.

    We got anyone else interested on getting in on this? Hit me up and I’ll nominate ya.


  • I don’t know these people who want to do it. I’ll let them do their own thing.


  • What about you, Daryl? You always seem to talk sense. I think you got something to offer beyond your good looks.

    TJ, I think you’re a “hell yeah!” - you’re the most overtly political person I’ve met here, and you got a good head on your shoulders.

    Cassie - I’m surprised and pleased that you’re showing interest.

    Anyone else?

    • Hector

  • As i said before i’m not a political person. Either way I do what I want, though i’m not stupid I respect the system even if theres a way to loop hole it. I casted my votes already so we’ll see how it turns out.


  • Nomination names are out. How we wanna spread our votes out?


  • Storytellers

    Does everyone of us nominated want to do it?


  • ((I am fine with it on an OOC level, but be aware I am not an every-night kind of player anymore. FYI to players and STs))

  • Daryl – OOC noted, and probably rules you out.


    I think we should try to vote TJ and Cass on. I also strongly recommend Bettie, as she’d be at least friendly to Hilt. After that, split our votes between Emmeric and Yves. Emmeric’s a shoe-in, I assume, so lookin’ like we support him. But I could be overthinking it.

    We don’t have the numbers to control the discussion anymore, but we can influence it, and hope Spine isn’t all lock-step with Tucker.

    • Hector

  • Fuck Emmeric. He’ll do whatever Tucker tells him. Bettie’s actually got the balls to stand up to the guy, and I don’t think Yves is in his pocket either. If we gotta share the Parliament with Spine, those are the two I’d vote for.


  • FYI, Bettie is actually in Hilt.

  • More reason to vote for her. Keep Spine from controlling half the seats.