Obfuscate, Cameras and You!

  • Lead Storytellers Administrators

    If you attempt to use a camera to detect someone in Obfuscate it does not work. According to the book, if you try to point a camera at them, for any level of Obfuscate, you “have a hard time” focusing on the person.

    So, trying to use a camera to find someone in obfuscate does not work.

    However, automatic cameras or other surveillance things can pick them up. But that is because you, with your regular old eyes will see the footage picked up by a machine.

    So, no you can’t walk around holding a camera, have a camera attached to you or anything. What they mean is a camera pointed at your haven door can pick it up. But you yourself will always have trouble getting the camera correctly focused on an individual.

    So, don’t ask if you can have a camera set to take a pic every few seconds, or a Go Pro around your neck or fastened to your hat and walk around with them. You can’t. Full stop.