On fledglings and your full-fledged, accepted Camarilla Vamp

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On fledglings and your full-fledged, accepted Camarilla Vamp

Unread postby Malevolence » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:00 pm

Fledglings, even in old VTM (pre-V5) were pretty much nonentities until released. They were under the accounting of their Sires, they could not and should not do anything without their permission and were seen and not heard. Any deals/boons/alliances need to go through the Sire. I mean...you can -try- to do sub rosa but you take a huge chance in doing so and you best be sure the person you are doing it with is worth the risk and effort. The unknown childe of a lesser neonate is, well..probably not worth it. To be honest.

Once released, fledglings become a little better- still with little status unless they had the blessing of a prestigious Sire but even with that, they were young and older Vampires looked down upon them until they prove their worth.

Now things are vastly different. But not in a good way. When a Vamp is created, they remain under the accounting until released- and once released they are considered Anarchs. They are NOT in the Camarilla. They can not and should not be afforded any of the privileges of a Camarilla member. This means that until they prove themselves...they are ANARCHS. Be seen associating with one and you can kiss your status goodbye. Guilty by association has ALWAYS been a thing in the Camarilla.

They will not become Camarilla members until Valentine gives her blessing. And she ain't easily swayed.

This is something we did post about before when we posted saying people can play humans. It is difficult but that is the game. Keep this in mind people, since we have humans in the game- we expect this to be played.
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