The Damsel

Only in death are we free, but are we not truly slaves to the blood to keep us going?

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The Damsel

Unread postby krieg » Tue May 22, 2018 1:13 pm

There was once a lady,
A damsel locked in a tower,
Truly the fairest you've seen,
And upon this I swear.
Dressed in gold was she,
From head to toe,
With golden eyes and golden hair
And a throne that was more golden still.
In this gold dressed she welcomed each prince
With roses and tea,
And listened to their tales.
Some were tall, some were dark, some were fair and
Some were golden, but none shone brightly like her.

And then one night, when her guards were asleep,
Another prince came, handsome and brave,
A prince of the moon he said was he,
And truly, his cloak was made of night,
And stars glinted in his eyes.
They danced and danced and he kissed her sweetly.

There was once a lady,
A queen of rot,
Truly the most ghastly you've seen,
And upon this I swear.
Once a majesty,
Now exposing bone.
Dressed in cobwebs was she,
And a cloak made of night.
Her hair - in clumps,
Her skin - dark,
And the white of her eyes was murky
With secrets that were darker still.
She ruled both worlds from her tower,
As above and so below,
And no prince came to her rescue.
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