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New Jersey alt-map

Unread postby freedomischaos » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:11 am

As we have a number of Euros and people that are just generally unfamiliar with the US and in particular New Jersey (who would be?) I made a map with some points of reference. The little boxes inside of the state are the individual "county" and as they are largely replaced by our in-game fiction I left them out.

One of these days, we might even get around to drawing the highway system, but largely there would be highways between Salem to Philly area (I-295), Salem to Branton (fictional) and Branton to Atlantic City (fictional). Trenton is mentioned merely because it is the capital of the New Jersey state, but there would be a highway from Philly to Trenton. There is always a highway along the Eastern coastal line (Rt 9) from the bottom of the state though morphing into other Rts/Highways.

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