New Computer Ability Levels

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New Computer Ability Levels

Unread postby Malevolence » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:49 pm

Because White Wolf is silly and thinks you need computers 2 to even internet..we rewrote them.

0- implied. You can use a computer to post on the BBS's. Not much more though. And you probably don't like to.
* You can diagnose basic computer problems and competently operate all consumer electronics such as tablets and desktops, and use all consumer websites with no trouble, such as YouTube or social media
** You are familiar with server and database systems, could access the most weakly protected systems, can create websites and write simple programs. You can diagnose and fix moderate computer problems. You can fix common hardware with confidence.
*** You are familiar enough with data security to be considered a hacker. You know your way around the deep and dark web, can write professional code, and track down those who infiltrate your systems. You can get into digital spaces you shouldn't in some cases, but not the most secure spaces.
**** You are dangerous with a computer. You could be employed a senior-level programmer or sysadmin. You know how to exploit the weaknesses of most systems, can write tailored viruses and malware, and could write entire major applications on your own. You could find your way around specialized systems such ATMs, military systems or transportation software; or obscure and outdated hardware.
***** You are a guru. You could write your own operating system if you wanted to, and reverse engineer entire pieces of software given enough time. As a hacker, your work is impressive and subtle, and you might find weaknesses in systems people had thought were impregnable. You could be respected in dark web communities for your skill, if you were the type.


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Re: New Computer Ability Levels

Unread postby Syn » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:01 am

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