Real World: Sanguinus

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Real World: Sanguinus

Unread postby Malevolence » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:52 pm

21:27] <Ichiro> I need to win the lottery
[21:32] <Savio> Me first
[21:32] <Joan> no, me
[21:36] <Savio> Well
[21:36] <Savio> Whoever wins it
[21:36] <Savio> Should make a mansion like the one from that reality show on SciFi way back when....freak house? Had the dude that was a vampire, the shaman dude, etc
[21:36] <Savio> and we can all move in
[21:37] <Savio> Mad Mad House?
[21:38] <Joan> haha, Real World: Sanguinus.
[21:38] <Savio> Brujah: Yeah, I'm feelin' real good about moving in with these guys. We're gonna go nuts.
[21:39] <Savio> Nosferatu: Why the hell do I have to be in the basement?
[21:39] <Savio> Ventrue: Has anyone seen Tremere? I have something...that I need him to do.
[21:39] <Joan> What we do in the shadows!
[21:39] <Bek> Toreador: *has been staring at the pretty sing for three straight hours*
[21:39] <Bek> *sink
[21:40] <Joan> "See how the water drips"
[21:40] <Savio> "I just love this marble"
[21:40] <Savio> Ventrue: Nosferatu! Quit wiping your ass on the living room carpet!
[21:40] <Joan> "That's Gangrel."
[21:41] <Savio> Ventrue: *Grabs the squirt bottle*
[21:41] <Joan> Brujah: WHY ARE WE OUT OF BEER?! *frenzies* Ventrue: There goes the security deposit.
[21:41] <Ichiro> lol
[21:42] <Bek> [cut to toreador, still staring at the faucet]
[21:43] <Joan> Malkavian: *sneaks in with a trash bag full of balloons, lye, a shovel and a bag of oranges*
[21:43] <Ichiro> Malkavian: Let's put circus mirrors everywhere to mess with everyone, brick up some doors and then watch it unfold.
[21:44] <Joan> lolol
[21:45] <Bek> Malkavian: There are enough beds in here! Why did ventrue mark my "room" as the linen closet???
[21:45] <Joan> hahaha
[21:46] <Bek> Ventrue: It's the only room that locks from the outside.
[21:46] <Ichiro> lol
[21:46] <Ichiro> Malkavian somehow is sat on Ventrues bed after they have just been locked in. Grinning.
[21:46] <Joan> LOL
[21:47] <Bek> we don't know how they did it. Maybe even malkavian doesn't know how they did it. But there they are.
[21:48] <Ichiro> :)


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Re: Real World: Sanguinus

Unread postby Jamestoo » Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:46 pm

I need dis.

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Re: Real World: Sanguinus

Unread postby MrJanusu » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:11 pm

Webcomic inspiration gold
"Vampire king, you lay upon the blood-soaked dirt of your ruined land. Castles plundered, dominions in ruin, servants destroyed, all to end the hellfire with which you sought to cover the world. A bloody conquest having consumed hundreds of thousands, countless villages razed to the ground, and over 20,000 impaled and prostrated by you and you alone to strike horror into the hearts of mortal men. What say you, monster, demon, devil, conceived by the bleakest womb, what say you NOW!?"
"... The Aristocrats."
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