LFM (Looking For Members) New and Old

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LFM (Looking For Members) New and Old

Postby Brian » Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:56 pm

We all like playing here and sharing is caring! We are always welcoming of new players and always have open arms for returning players. Have some friends that are interested in or play Vampire: The Masquerade? Bring them in! Have you played here before and been thinking about coming back? Hop on and start filling out a sheet! In order to sweeten the pot, we have devised the following reward systems:

Returning Players
  • 10 additional Freebie Points at character creation
  • If you bring a friend along you can take advantage of the recruit-a-friend system
  • Additional bonuses may be available

  • New player gets 10 additional Freebie Points at creation when they and you confirm the recruitment
  • After one month of solid play, the recruiter will gain an additional dot, at random (nothing above the third dot though!)

There you have it. Go forth my friends and help make the Sanguinus family grow!
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Re: LFM (Looking For Members) New and Old

Postby Syn » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:05 pm


This is still in operation! Go recruit your friends, colleagues, cohorts, and strangers on the street! Old players, return to the fold, we still luv ya.

Still offering some of that sweet filthy xp lucre detailed above.
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