[PLUS] A March Turns Deadly

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[PLUS] A March Turns Deadly

Unread postby Ambience » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:44 am

July 12th, 2018
by: Emma Wilkinson

Last night, the New Temperance Movement had quietly organized another march on the boardwalk. Notably protesting the revitalization of it, and the storefronts that may come of it explicitly selling the idea of bars opening on the boardwalk. They also marched for their church, calling what appeared to be a Muslim woman in a hijab an heretic and continued to ostracize others as they marched and cheered when someone left or fled the scene like the aforementioned hijab-wearing woman did.

However, what would have been a routine march for this movement quickly and rather suddenly turned incredibly deadly. One of the marchers confronted another woman described as scantily dressed for the evening. When seemingly out of nowhere during the confrontation a large man appears swinging a crowbar and hitting the marcher so hard that many of the onlookers quickly fled in horror and disgust while others turned to defend themselves against the man, the woman confronted and yet another man that joined the fray to defend the earlier pair.

The brawl was fortunately short, but it rendered another person in an unconscious as the three, the group including the murderer, clubbed their way out from the group and fled further into the night. The man rendered unconscious in the bout is currently in a comatose state in Branton City Hospital suffered by blunt force trauma around the eye socket. There are two more being treated for the resulting stampede and chaos created on the boardwalk by the violence taken against the New Temperance Movement.

Local politicians and religious leaders are speaking out against the violence that happened, generally swearing off violence as a means to an end and asking the community to take efforts with the Police to quickly find this attacker and persons of interest and bring justice and order back to the city of Branton. There are believed to be a number of videos taken during the event, the Branton Police Dept are asking citizens with this video to submit it to them for analysis and review.

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