[Mountain] ANTIFA Thugs Murder Peaceful Protestors

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[Mountain] ANTIFA Thugs Murder Peaceful Protestors

Unread postby Ambience » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:57 pm

::An article on the Mountain website and some similar thoughts circulating online::

A peaceful protest was turned violent two nights ago when suspected ANTIFA activists assaulted the good men and women gathered in concern about the pier redevelopment. Fearing an increase to the current evils that beset the city in the forms of drugs, alcohol, and gambling addiction... as well as the related death and destruction they cause... concerned citizens met to exercise their god-given American right to speak up.

Things turned nasty when a young brown couple caused some consternation amongst protestors by peddling their muslim views. The woman was walking behind the man and obviously had been forced to wear the Hajibi, and the good citizens of the NTM were pointing out how it is wrong to make women slaves like they do in the Arab countries. Then out of nowhere comes a giant with a crowbar.

(ANTIFA thug wanted for murder)

The man and his accomplice then set about beating up protestors, knocking three to the ground with deadly violence. The crowd was at first shocked and drew back, but good second amendment believers came to the rescue, causing the murderers to run off. The cowards even tried to pin it on Nazi groups by shouting something ridiculous, but no sane person was convinced. Neo-Nazi's coming to the rescue of the arabs? Seriously?

The protest was understandably wound down after the incident, and condolences are spreading from all across Branton. Donations to St Monica's church have jumped and security service companies have been engaged to protect the NTM parishioners for fear of other reprisals.

There is no clear reason we can see for this violence except to silence the voices of those who want a more moral city. It is no secret that the gangs of Branton have had serious upheaval and it seems they are willing to murder people to silence any dissent. How many more must perish before the government takes the threat to conservatives seriously?
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