[Mountain] Violence Comes In Wake Of Prohibitionists

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[Mountain] Violence Comes In Wake Of Prohibitionists

Unread postby Ambience » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:08 pm

::Posted on the Mountain website and also sentiments shared elsewhere online::

The Pier redevelopment project was scene to a ghastly murder the other night when a protest became violent as participants turned on one another. There to voice anger at the city spending money redeveloping something that will be a huge boost for income, the prohibitionists known as the NTM seem focused on wrecking the recovery and ushering in a Christian Sharia law to Branton.

But things didn't go according to plan when one of their own became so worked up by their version of the two minute hate, although here it was an hour long fest of hate, that they attacked people with crowbar and fists. Three people have died due to the violent assault by a giant and his female accomplice, but it could have been much worse. This movement obviously draws the deranged and we should be thankful they weren't armed with guns. If they had then the death toll would have had a zero after it at least.

This movements seeks to call itself moral and religious, but it is enabling the very worst emotions of humanity. It is polarizing our society and has jumped into bed with the extreme racists of the Republican party. This support expects to be rewarded and so Branton holds its breath as to what might happen.
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