Blush of Hamsters

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Blush of Hamsters

Unread postby Syn » Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:31 pm

[03:24] <Chloe> <w> he's prettier than most of the torries in town
[03:24] <Njeri> colm is shaming the women of the clan.
[03:24] <Njeri> and reed is shamin them too!
[03:24] <Chloe> !describe Reed
[03:24] <@Archon> Reed Ortiz is a young latino man with a friendly-seeming face and dark hair in the most millenial hairstyle you can imagine. He always dresses in a way that simultaneously fits in perfectly and stands out in a good way. [CHA 3, APP 3, Intim 1, Presence]
[03:24] <@Archon> Link:
[03:24] <Caroline> ummm...Valentine ?
[03:24] <Njeri> [03:24] <Njeri> colm is shaming the women of the clan.
[03:24] <Njeri> :P
[03:24] <Njeri> !describe valentine
[03:24] <@Archon> Valentine is blonde with ice blue eyes & stunning good looks.Poised,graceful& always dressed in high fashion.Her voice is lyrical & accented , but can be commanding.Her demeanor for the last several years has been stoic with occasional glimpses of her old,warm self
[03:24] <@Archon> Link: PrinceApp5/Char5/Pres5 BoH, EV
[03:24] <Caroline> Norma is hot
[03:24] <Njeri> !Describe story
[03:24] <@Archon> Story is long and lean, her figure and beauty exceptionally perfect. Her long hair is worn loose and flowing and her blue eyes are warm and friendly. She tends to wear bohemian/hippy style.[app4, char 3]
[03:24] <@Archon> Link:
[03:24] <Njeri> !describe norma
[03:24] <@Archon> Norma Gay is a petite + stunningly beautiful girl, rockabilly pinup chic incarnate. Pale skin, bright blue eyes, often brighter hair, flawless makeup, stiletto-manicured nails + crayon-bright retro tattoos. Her lovely Parisian accented voice is disarmingly charming
[03:24] <@Archon> Link: | Height: 5'1 | Appearance: 4 (Pin-Up) | Charisma: 3 | Expression: 3 | Presence | Enchanting Voice |
03:25] <Caroline> hehe
[03:25] <Chloe> BoH?
[03:25] <Chloe> Box of Hamsters?
[03:25] <Chloe> Bags of Hotness?
[03:25] <Njeri> blush of health
[03:26] <Chloe> oooooh
[03:27] <Caroline> could still be hamsters
[03:27] <Njeri> healthy healthy hamsters
[03:27] <Adalyn> definitely hamsters
[03:27] <Caroline> sexiest damn hamsters
[03:27] <Njeri> well DUH. they're toreador hamsters.
[03:27] <Njeri> sexier than the men of the clan.
[03:28] <Caroline> hehe
[03:28] <Caroline> guinea pigs
[03:28] <Colm> I mean. Colm is as sexy as Norma/Story for a dude.
[03:28] <Colm> But Valentine
[03:28] <Colm> ALL HAIL.
[03:28] <Colm> SCHWING
[03:28] <Colm> hubba hubba
[03:29] <Colm> Blush of health.
[03:29] <Chloe> i'm imagining hamsters with long glossy coats doing the shampoo commercial hair-swish
[03:30] <Adalyn> XD bitey that's a beautiful image
[03:31] <Chloe> it's just something that happens to Torrie ghouls
[03:31] <Chloe> they don't know why, they're just naturally fabulous all of a sudden
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