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Memes, Mood, And You

Unread postby Syn » Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:04 pm

To quote our wiki:

Hello! For those of you that are new to New Corsica and the feel of it, I'd like to write a bit here about the feel of the city and some oddities that you'd know and understand. This is to elaborate on some of the things already mentioned, and to clear up some stuff already discussed in #ooc, so the information is out there for everyone! Feel free to come to #stchambers and ask any questions you may have. :)

This world isn't entirely smartphone free. Just New Corsica - so those of you who are just coming to New Corsica? If you had an iPhone, it became a brick when you crossed into the city. For some reason, that didn't bother you a bit, and you simply went to go buy a new one that did work, with zero smart phone capability whatsoever. This also means no texting!
Speaking of technology, there's really no wifi connections at all in New Corsica. There are internet cafes. There are internet connections that are hard-wired land connections. There are no iPads, no hand held internet devices at all. There can be hand held PDA's of course - those are just data devices. But they don't connect to the World Wide Web at all.
The retro tech also means that there are no iPods or really high tech gadgets. No FitBit, no Apple Watches. Generic mp3 players are ok!
It rains 80% of the year. It could be light rain, heavy rain, torrential rain - but it's rain. It never really floods, and while people do mention that it rains a lot and comment on the weather, they never go far enough to investigate it. There's a local saying among the kindred that if it's clear, people die - that might be a rumor, or there may be something to it. Regardless, no matter how much it rains, there doesn't seem to be any issue or focus on how weird that it. It is, like the cellphones, perfectly normal.
And speaking of weather! Hurricane Katrina? Why... that missed New Corsica completely! It hit and demolished areas around it, but New Corsica was miraculously spared. It seemed natural though - like it just was meant to be. No one questioned it. Many hurricanes miss New Corsica, and that, too... normal.
Fashion in New Corsica is at a glorious stand still in some aspects. Fedoras and trench coats are still all the rage, even as denim and tee shirts adorn the bodies of teenagers. It's not that fashion can't come in, it's just that it seems to fade with time. Noir fashion is what dominates the people of New Corsica, from head to toe - the women wear heels even in the rain, men wear well kept hats and coats, and none of it seems out of the ordinary.

While you, as players, may think all of this is unnatural and may want to explore it, your characters all find it rather easy to adjust to and may never think anything more of it. It's just how it is.

Our game mood is Louisiana Noir. While the game may be set in the real world time, currently 2019, the tone of the city is and has always been somewhat of a throwback anywhere between the 1940s and 1990s. The internet still exists, but to access it one generally needs to visit an old school cybercafe. Faxes and typewriters still abound. MP3s are a rarity, but records and 8-tracks are common. Pontiac Streamliners park alongside 1987 Nissan Bluebirds. Atomic Arcade plays host to Dance Dance Revolution, Pacman, Space Invaders, and the like.

Your character does not find this unusual. Whether they were born here or are a transplant, they don't miss their smartphones or really remark upon their absence. It's just something that is.

Memes may exist, but your characters - whether a mortal who grew up here, or a vampire embraced more than a decade ago - are kinda internet-culture-savvy circa 1990s at best. If they're a baby neonate who just moved here, they might have been more up to date, but now they're in the New Corsica vacuum. The odd call-forward is fine, within reason, but they're not gonna be keeping up with the latest reddit threads.

More than anything else, this is about mood and theme rather than strict realism. We need all of y'all to help us keep the tone of our city.

Much love,
your friendly neighbourhood ST team
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