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As this has come up a few times and is getting a bit ridiculous, here is a refresher.

As per our wiki

Sparring Is Allowed with following rules:

1- No bloodspends.

2- Botches are more the, "your gun jams." "You trip over your shoelace and go splat." No, "ZOMG YOUR GUN BLEW UP!"

3- NO WP spends

Willpower only regenerates at a rate of 1 per week; there is no reason kindred should be brought to zero WP just from sparring.

You can do spars in several ways:

You can roleplay them out in a purely narrative style.

You can do the above based roughly based on each other's pools (share only your 'to hit', 'dodge', or 'damage' pools, that would be seen if you rolled combat against each other, nothing more).

You can roll a simple one or best-of-three roll to add an element of chance in there, if you like that sort of thing, then roleplay based on the result.

Or you can roll full combat. If you roll combat, an ST MUST be present and willing to run it and you should follow the above rules. Any damage sustained is for real damage that must be healed with blood. When you take half your willpower in damage (rounded up) you will need to roll if you want to keep fighting and not submit, cuz this is a fight that you can end at any moment just by saying 'Hey, dudeguy, I call uncle. We cool? Cool.'

If you choose to spend your blood on fighting in a spar, or don't end it when you start getting a bunch of damage, and happen to leave yourself open to a Hunger Frenzy or, worse, end up in a Big Fight Scene that you're now woefully unable to handle - we're not gonna feel terribly bad for you that you'll be kinda screwed.

And remember, nobody can force you to roll full combat for a spar. Unless they are For Real attacking, you have the choice to keep it purely narrative.
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