More than doors were busted for Black Friday shoppers

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More than doors were busted for Black Friday shoppers

Unread postby Ambience » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:57 pm

Action News, Breaking News Bulletin.

This just in, violence has erupted outside of S-Mart between people waiting in line for Black Friday Door-Buster Deals. Action News reporter Miranda Valnezula is on the scene.

:: cut to a woman in a blue blazer and skirt. People can be seen fighting in the background::

Thanks, Chip. The holiday spirit turned ugly when a fight broke out while waiting for the doors to open here at S-Mart. At this time police say they don’t know what started the fight but it quickly escalated to near-riot levels of violence. This is the first time in city history that Black Friday has gone down this dark path. The street has been closed down to prevent it from spreading and first responders have had a difficult time getting the injured out. A representative from the New Corsica Police Department stated their goal as of now is to keep the violence contained. Miranda Valnezula reporting for Action News. Back to you Chip.

:: just before the camera cuts back to the studio a man with gold teeth is seen looking over the reporter’s shoulder, smiling with a row full of what appears to be gold teeth.::

Thank you, Miranda. Be safe out there. As always, Action News is on the scene and we will keep you informed as the story develops. I’m Chip Withermore, now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
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